What Are RAM And ROM And What Are Their Working features? - Update (2021)

You Often See It While Working, Your Computer Or Mobile Works Slow And Slow, And Sometimes Hangs Too Much. As a Result, We Have To Switch Off Our Computer Or Mobile And Start Over, Which Sometimes Deletes Our Data.

You Know What What Causes Our Mobile To Slow Down Or Hang?

The Biggest Reason For The Hang Is Your Mobile And The RAM Of The Computer The Biggest Reason For The Slow Is The ROM Of Your Computer And Mobile.

Now You May Be Wondering What Is The Function Of RAM And What Is The Function Of  ROM or What Are The Features Of  These Two.

Due To Which The Computer / Mobile Hangs or Slows Down, Let's Find Out About It.

What RAM does and its features

Ram Features

It Is A Kind of Memory Inside Your Computer's CPU And Mobile Board, But None Of It Is SAVE, It`s A Temporary Memory That Only Provides Working Space For Computers And Mobiles.

Here Are Some Examples Of What Works Or How It Works.

Suppose Your Phone Is off. This Means Your RAM Is Completely Empty At The Moment And Your RAM Is Not Being Used. All Your Applications Are In Your Phone Storage Or Your Memory Card. As Soon As You Open Your Phone SWITCH STOP Your Operating System Will Be Loaded On Your Phone.

This System Will First Use Your RAM And With It You Can Start The Work Of The Required Application With The Help Of RAM. And After Closing All The Applications, Your Phone`s RAM Is Used. It Goes To RAM And After Opening Some Applications It Becomes Full.

Types of RAM:

Ram Definition

There Are Usually Two Types -

There Are Usually Two Types -

What is the full form of ROM? Features of ROM:

Rom Full Form

Like ROM And RAM Is A Very Important Part. ROM Is The Primary Storage Device Of A Computer System. It Is Shaped Like A Chip Attached To A Computer's Motherboard. ROM Is A Built-In Memory In A  Computer. And Whose Data Is Read Only Means It Can Not Be Written or Modified. But It Does Not Delete All The Data After Turning Off The Computer Like RAM Memory, It Is Stored In The Complete Data Memory. ROM Is A Memory Where We Store Our Photos, Videos, Audio Documents And All The Software or Apps That We Install In ROM Memory. Rome's Speed Is Much Lower Than RAM's.

What Is The Function Of Mobile Ram:

What is the function of mobile ram

Mobile RAM Is How Fast Your Mobile Will Run Depending On The RAM. If Your Mobile Has More RAM Then You Can Have More Applications Installed On Your Mobile. For Example There Are Many Who Say That My Mobile Is Slow, Hangs And Downloads More Applications When You Download, The Mobile Hangs. All This Is For Your RAM.

And The More RAM You Take, The Faster Your Mobile Will Be And You Will Be Able To Install More And More Applications On Your Mobile.

Ram Is Like- 1Gb, 2Gb, 3Gb, 4Gb, 5Gb The More GB Of RAM You Take, The More Your Price Will Fall. But If You Take More RAM Mobile Then You Don't Have To Face These Problems Like Mobile Being Slow or If You Use More Applications Of Your Choice On Your Mobile But You Have To Take More RAM Mobile.

What Is The Function Of Computer Ram

Transferring Data Is More Difficult If You Do Not Have Enough RAM Than Your CPU Does, Which Greatly Impairs The Performance Of The Computer. With The Right Amount Of RAM On Your Computer

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