The Main Difference Between Electrical And Electronics

difference between electrical and electronics

As you may know, the subject in which engineering is taught in engineering is called Electrical and Electronics Engineering. But most of us don't know, what's the difference between electrical and electronics? According to many, I use the other as a complement to the other! So let's find out today, the difference between electrical and electronics!

What Is Electrical?

Electrical is the branch of science that deals with the flow of electrons in a conductor and the objects made by the conductor (such as motors, generators, transformers, switchgears, magnetic contactors, circuit breakers, etc.). In other words, the source of current flow, electrical circuit and AC are discussed in the electrical part.

What Is Electronics?

Electronics is the branch of science where charges flow through a semiconductor and conduct objects made of semiconductors (such as electronic tubes, vacuum tubes, diodes, transistors, MOSFETs, etc.). CR, Integrated Circuit (IC), Amplifier, Oscillator, Flipflop, Logicgate, Microcontroller etc.) are discussed. In the electronics part, work is done with DC. The main difference between electrical and electronics circuits is that electrical circuits have no decision (processing) power, but electronics circuits have decision making (processing) or control. Most modern appliances use a combination of electrical and electronics circuits. Basically, that's why electrical and electronics engineering is coming.

Comparison between electrical and electronics

Electrical devices convert electrical current into other forms such as heat energy, light energy, etc. Electronic devices control the movement of electrons for various operations. Copper or aluminum is used to conduct electric current in electrical devices whereas semiconductor material is used in electronics devices. Electrical devices operate mainly on alternating current, electronics devices operate on DC voltage. Electrical devices operate at high voltages while electronics devices operate at low voltages. The power consumption of electrical devices is much higher than that of electronics devices.

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