What is software? Learn what software is, how many types and what are they?

What is software? Friends, these machines are useless without software on mobile or computer. As many of you may know, a computer is can divided into others parts, one is hardware motherboard and the other is software. We already know the details about hardware, today we will discuss in detail how and what is computer software, what is the use of software, how software works.


Many of us use computers or laptops in our daily work, a computer is a machine where with the help of some hardware components and some software this machine works according to our commands.

Friends, we all know about software, and we do a lot of work with it. Because this software is no longer limited to computers, its presence can be noticed all around us.

For example, using apps on mobile, all these are software, watching YouTube on smart TV, hotstar watching them and software. Even where you are withdrawing money from ATM machine, software is also used. I mean, in this present age, all our work is taking digital form. The role of this software is incomparable for him.

Friends, many of us know where the software is used but can not give its definition. I will try to highlight all the points related to it.

What is software or what is software?

Software is a collection of many programs, meaning a software is created by connecting many programs.

You need to know what a program is before you can understand software. Programs are many instructions that the computer understands and produces results.

These programs are usually created by coding (css, java, HTML). In more detail, many of these programs have input instructions, which are a specific task that is pre-determined.

For example - if you go to a restaurant and order food from Water, he will follow the order and fulfill the order, just follow the instructions in a program following this process.

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Instruction is how many rules are set in advance and he works according to the prescribed rules. There are many instructions given in a program and the collection of some programs is a software. I hope you understand what a software or program is.

How does the software work?

Friends, we have learned about the software above, now I will try to know what the software does. Simply put, when we launch any software on the PC, we will see how it works.

I have already told you that a software is a lot of program files and many instructions are input in it and by performing these instructions it solves the problem.

When we install software on a computer, all the instructions of that software are converted to exc file and loaded on the hard drive disk C drive.

Suppose you launch Google Chrome, all its instruction files are stored on the hard disk which is stored in C drive.

When you click on Google Chrome, all its instruction files are loaded from hard disk to ram. And then go to the processor for processing in this way Google Chrome will open the process and then it will continue to be processed as you enter.

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